Skylark Information- Addressing System Integration Requirements Comprehensively

Enterprises are increasingly spending on system integration solutions’ for better management of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, data integrity, and to substantially eradicate redundancies. Need for eliminating multiplicity, heterogeneity, and varying distinctiveness of key applications and infrastructures is expected to drive the system integration market further ahead. HP is one of the key players in the global system integration market. Skylark, headquartered in Chennai, is a Channel and Service partner of HP, bringing revolutionary HP solutions to the market. The company is helping its customers leverage on their system integration investments by climbing up on the value chain from being a service provider to playing the role of a trusted partner. Focusing on Business-IT alignment, Skylark's engagement model also helps the customer's IT Infrastructure to evolve as the business environment changes.
Skylark has been in the industry for over two decades now and is constantly adapting to new technological trends and transferring the same to enterprise customers. It has enterprise customers from varied verticals such as media, manufacturing and automobile. Founded in 1993, the company has a track record of maintaining some of the best alliances in the industry. Leveraging its alliance with HP, Skylark integrates different IT components of Hardware from HP to provide cost effective and scalable solutions that fulfill its customer’s requirement.
Skylark provides Servers and Storages not just as a box to the customer, but adds value in terms of educating the clients to choose
the right products based on the application software that they would like to deploy it and to maximize their Return on Investment on the equipments that is used in Mission Critical, Business critical operations. “We adopt the principle of Reliability, Availability and Scalability to suggest right products not merely on cost competitiveness but on Total Cost of Ownership. We can design tailor made solutions based on the criticality of the business of each customers to securely preserve and maintain the data. We have vast experience in providing storage solutions for small, medium and enterprise environments. We provide solution on a heterogeneous environment,” says S Kumar, MD, Skylark.
In contrast to other storage solution providers who just bring state-of-the-art storage products and do not engage with the customer after that, Skylark brings to the enterprises not just the best pieces but completely customized and integrated solutions with the services to back it up.
Skylark also understands the importance of a robust network infrastructure to keep a business in operation and to be sustained in the market. To help businesses with this, it provides secure, scalable and high-performance network solutions to its customers. It has certified engineers, skilled man power and qualified consultants to execute any large volume and complex networking projects.
Considering research as integral to business processes, Skylark is enthused to score on the innovation front and grow dynamically. The company has a dedicated R&D Team which constantly keeps looking for new ways to offer the high-end solutions at low costs.